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Adapt of Spirestone

Adapt is an Alliance guild on US-Spirestone. We strive for competitive PvE progression while maintaining a light 3 night/week raiding schedule, we have an active social member base, and we organize a breadth of PvE & PvP activities on offnights including alt/social/retro raids, nerdchievement runs & BG premades.

Our main 25man raids are Tues/Wed/Thur, 7:45pm to midnight (PST). When pushing progression we do 10/25 cleanup runs on Sunday. Alt/social runs and 10mans occur on off nights, typically Fri/Sat.

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Paragons Heroic
02/25/14 11:29 AM by Vaxum

Just as painful memories of endless bug-themed bosses in Heart of Fear was receding, Blizz decides to give us an annoying concoction of 9 separate bug overlords in one encounter. Good thing we brought a raid.

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Siegecrafter Heroic
01/19/14 12:58 AM by Vaxum

Best fight of tier, felt great to get it pre-nerf. EMP!

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Thok Heroic
12/13/13 12:10 PM by Vaxum

Rawr, dino coming through! Fun fight, pretty easy, and definitely not the DPS check it was earlier in the tier (we skipped red entirely). No worries, Siegecrafter will have plenty of fire to make up for it.


Spoils of Pandaria Heroic
12/10/13 08:21 PM by Vaxum

Many adds, handle it! For some reason the kill pull felt ridiculously easy compared to the learning ones - this was probably due to Memory D/C-ing mid fight so that Slash & his time-lost artifact could "bear" us to victory.

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Malkorok Heroic
12/04/13 01:14 AM by Vaxum

Super-late picture, killed this a few weeks ago. Soak Soak Soak Breathx4, simple fight but great emphasis on personal responsibility.

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